Polk Citizens for Single Member District
One District - One County Commissioner

Why Single Member Districts ?

The current situation

Currently in Polk County, citizens across the county vote on each of our five Commissioners. This forces candidates to campaign in every corner of the county, no matter how far from the district they will represent. This allows big money and special interest groups in four districts to influence the outcome in the fifth.

Some refer to current Polk County system as “At-Large.” This is not a true description. In an at-large system the representatives are elected by all the voters of the city, county or other entity to represent the entire entity. But in Polk Co. each commissioner represents just one district.

The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees one man, one vote. And it provides equal protection under the law. Our current system seems to contradict these protections.

What we’re advocating

Only the voters of their district should elect their district commissioner. Previously in Osceola County for example, citizens resorted to suing their county because their system used the same procedure as what is currently in place in Polk County. The Court ruled Osceola had to change their system.

Polk Citizens for Single Member Districts aims to bring this issue to our ballot for the November 2014 election by submitting 25,000 signed petitions.

Why do we want Single Member Districts?

  • Reduce costs of campaigns.
  • More potential candidates.
  • Levels playing field financially.
  • Representation focused on needs of district.
  • Reduces the power of special interest groups and Big Money.
  • Campaign targets approximately 70,000 district voters instead of 351,000 county-wide voters.

Why we’re taking these steps    

  • Commissioners can be out of touch with the needs of their constituents.
  • Commissioners don’t have to be responsive to voters in their district because there are more voters outside their district than in the one single district they will represent.
  • The current system may not represent you well and it is too costly.
  • Ordinary citizens are hampered in running for commissioner because the costs are extremely high to run county wide.
  • Special interests have money to support county-wide candidates; ordinary citizens don’t.

How you can help

Sign a petition today. This will help allow the issue to be placed on the November 2014 ballot.

Ask your friends and neighbors to sign a petition also.

Contribute to the cause: a small donation and sharing your time as a volunteer will go a long way to helping us reach our goal.

E-Mail: Contact@singlememberdistrict.org